AMPERSAND is a family owned, family farmed, family operated business. We share a love of the land and sustainable farming that spans generations, as well as experiences with our loved ones that inspired us to grow and create only the highest quality CBD products, and educate consumers on the intricacies of CBD to empower personalized healing and wellness.


At AMPERSAND, we like to say that life isn’t just one thing, and that you aren’t either. The life you lead isn’t like anyone else’s—you are unique “& so much more.”

The name is a nod to all the hats you wear, all the roles you fill, and all of the stresses that life likes to throw our way. We also believe that AMPERSAND products are for everybody (even pets!) and our name speaks to the many reasons customers utilize our products. Whether you are using our products to provide relief from chronic pain or to unwind and be present with your loved ones after a stressful day, have peace of mind knowing that AMPERSAND products are sustainably grown and harvested, lab-tested, and organically processed with minimal ingredients.